Anthony Munchak

Anthony Munchak

Anthony Munchak is a CFA from Boston, Massachusetts.

Chartered Financial Analyst With A High Level of Experience

Anthony Munchak began working as a Senior Portfolio Manager in 2000 with Invesco Quantitative Strategies. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) charter holder and a member of the Boston Security Analysts Society. Munchak has a high level of experience in portfolio construction, risk management, full replication, and all things Excel.

Anyone working in finance knows how valuable being a CFA Charterholder can be. As the primary designation that measures and certifies the integrity and competence of financial analysts, it isn’t a certification that should be taken lightly. As someone who has also earned a BS degree and an MS degree in Finance, Anthony Munchak cannot stress the importance of the certification enough. If you’re interested in becoming a CFA Charterholder, Anthony Munchak is going to outline everything you need to know, from criteria and exams to reference letters.

As a risk management expert, Anthony Munchak understands that a comprehensive plan allows businesses to financially prepare for unanticipated events, create more efficient operations, and improve nearly every aspect of their business. Giving you a play-by-play on what risk management is, why it is essential, and how to begin implementation, he provides insight on how you and your business can remain protected. Anthony Munchak has been working in the finance industry since 1992, holds an MS degree in CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), and has extensive portfolio construction, risk management, and full replication experience.